Tamran-Kassen Lodge Basement

Most items on this page were removed from their rooms and are currently in the center of the vault floor.

Room 1 – Library contains books retrieved from various ruins and dungeons across the Lake Encarthan Area. Room is rated 2. Kwai has claimed this room as his.

Spell book containing:

Armor of Urine
Astonishing Evocation of Cramps
Astrological Enchantment of Toothpaste
Beam of Yarn
Dark Chant of the Chimneysweep
Dark Enchantment of the Haberdasher
Dispell Sawdust Devil
Invoke Cowlicks in Wannabes
Speak with Juice Dragon
Sphere of Corn

A copy of “Magus.” There is handwriting on the inside cover.

2 rolled parchments.

Room 2 – Miscellaneous items of possible historic significance. Room rated 3.

DESTROYED. An ancient Quadarian dagger, well-maintained and wrapped in a plain leather sheath. So long as the weapon’s edge is covered in warm human blood once a week, it will remain surgically sharp and shine brightly; no other efforts will condition or sharpen the blade.

A foot long prayer wheel made from rusted black iron.

Gag gift Deck of Many Things.

Room 3 – Armory. Unusual weapons and armor collected from various expeditions. Not to be used until properly identified. Room rated 5.

Bow you found is listed as a “Bow of Sharpness.”

The Longsword has a note next to its listing: “Nice blade, too bad about the botched magic.”

2 ethereal handle wrapping – They appear to be leather sword grip wraps (permanent weapon enchant +1, may be removed and reapplied to another weapon in ~10min).

Room 4 – Temporary storage for packing materials. Room rated 0.

Full of empty shipping crates of all sizes and packing material.

Room 5 – Recovered Azlanti artifacts. Artifacts originate from an expedition to an island in the middle of the ocean to the west. Room rated 4.

A small round metal disc, about 3 cm across and 1 cm thick, engraved with an intricate pattern. The metal appears to be silver, but is harder than steel. Caused the items in Dresden’s pouch to disintegrate and explode when removed from the pouch.

A wall map of Pre-Earthfall Golarion. You learned the location of Thassilon from this.

Rubbings and illusions of ancient hieroglyphs and murals.

Room 6 – Jewelry from various expeditions. Room rated 6. Restricted Access.

No markings, looks like a standard Men’s wedding band.
Once worn it makes the wearer paranoid that something evil will come about because the ring is cursed.

DESTROYED. Ring of Minor Invisibility:
When put on, this grants the user to go invisible, although he is limited to the finger he put the ring on.

SOLD. 3 Wands

Ring of Fire Resistance +

Room 7 – Items from a dungeon deep under the Mierani Forest in Varisia. Room rated 4.

A labeled sketch-map of a cavern system apparently running under most of Varisia. Several points are marked as “potential contact locations”. On the back the cave’s security system is outlined as well as a workable plan to circumvent it and enter the cave without being detected.

A wayfinder whose needle appears to change throughout the day and night.

Room 8 – Items from an expedition to the Isle of Terror. Room rated 6, restricted access. There is a note on the manifest: “Don’t care what Aurillio says, not gonna go back for a second haul. Most damned frustrating place I’ve ever been. Water, water everwhere… such bullshit. Percy”

Golden Guardian (inactive)

A massive (illusionary) wall mural depicting some sort of ceremony. An important looking man seems to be presenting a familiar amulet (similar to Kassen and Asar’s) to a soldier.

Room 9 – Very sketchy records of this room. Apparently some sort of investigation that has been underway for close to one hundred years. Room is not rated. Room is barred and padlocked by Kwai.

Various Maps dating over thousands of years with marks dated 300-500 years apart.

A set of history book on historical mysteries. A section involving mysterious disappearance of towns is peppered with bookmarks.

Room 10 – Records indicate this room contains artifacts of ancient Aboleth society pulled from the bottom of the inner sea. Room rated 9, Magical Hazard, to be opened only by order of Venture Captain Aurillio. Room is barred and padlocked by Kwai.

Room contains an empty chair and “Kwai K” etched into one wall.

Room 11 – Artifacts recovered from a Cult of the Whispering Way that were attempting to establish themselves deep inside the Fangwood. Room rated 9, Biohazard, to be opened only by order of Venture Captain Aurillio. This room has been burned, everything that was not removed is destroyed. Room is barred and padlocked by Kwai.

The Amber Key

A smallish human skull with a serif ‘V’ etched into its forehead. It is missing its jaw.

A fetal pig floating in a full bottle of vodka. The bottle is sealed – and in any case, the pig is too large to fit through the neck of the bottle.

Room 12 – Room rated 9, Biohazard, to be opened only by order of Venture Captain Aurillio. Room is barred and padlocked by Kwai.

3 vials containing a clear fluid.

An orange potion

An entire giraffe skin inside a metal box. Appearing to have been cut across the middle, it has the entire text of one “The Way” written on it. A yellow Post-It note stuck on top of the box reads: "You don’t even want to know. Trust me.” Studying this gives a temporary +2 bonus to knowledge (religion) checks involving the undead and the Whispering Way.

A professionally made refrigeration unit, cooled by magic. The unit is only large enough to store a human head inside of it, which is exactly what is currently in storage. Even frozen the head gives off odd feelings of dread.

Room 13 – Room contains miscellaneous wondrous or suspected wondrous items. Room rated 4. Room is barred and padlocked by Kwai.

Scales of Balancing
These delicately crafted brass scales will magically balance out any excess weight placed on either side, resulting in a perfect balance no matter how much weight is placed on either scale.

Wardrobe of Infinite Maggots
This closet, once opened, pours forth a neverending stream of spiders. The force of the swarm is so great that it requires a DC18 Strength Check to close. The maggots themselves are harmless, although they are very slimy.

A scuffed tuning fork.

A pair of metal discs threaded to a silk cord. (Kwai is wearing them, I think?)

A mason jar filled with screwed-up bits of paper.

A spoon

A dented tin cup

A plain human skull.

Tamran-Kassen Lodge Basement

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